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Soashable is a fork of WebIcq. As such, it uses the same XMPP and XMPP4J libraries as WebIcq.
Soashable currently supports Openfire and Nimbuzz as an XMPP server.

Reason for fork:
-To remove the WebIcq/Soashable branding.
-To add the Soashable branding.
-To implement a variety of usability enhancements and bug fixes.
Installation instructions:
■ Download Soashable from
Compile and run Soashable as a Java application.
Soashable expects to be initialized by a Soashable XML file that can be
found in a location of your choosing. Most Soashable installations use a
configuration file located at ~/.soashable.xml. When you start Soashable,
this XML file will be used to populate Soashable’s dialog box. If you
decide to change the dialog, you will need to modify this XML file.
For more information on configuring Soashable, please see the Soashable
XML Reference.
XML Configuration:
An XML file located in ~/.soashable.xml is required to initialize Soashable
and to populate Soashable’s dialog box. This XML file may be empty.
■ Install Soashable in your Firefox browser as follows.
-Create a new folder in your Firefox browser directory, called for example,
-Copy your Soashable distribution to the soashable/ folder within the
soashable folder you created above.
-Move the soashable folder to ~/.firefox/ soashable/
-Start Soashable from Firefox’s Application menu.
■ Close Firefox.
■ Start Soashable from Firefox’s Application menu.
■ Proceed as normal (see below).
Uninstallation Instructions:
■ Download Soashable from
■ Copy the Soashable directory to your Firefox directory so that it is placed
within your Firefox/extensions/ directory.
■ Remove the Soashable folder from the ~/.firefox/ directory.
■ Start Soashable from Firefox’s Application menu.

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Soashable is a free and open-source instant messaging client that provides a clean look and feel for chatting. A Soashable user can create an Account, and then log into her account using the On-screen Keyboard. To chat with other Soashable users, a Soashable user can click on a user’s chat bubble or send an Outgoing message.
Soashable clients can also make use of a chat folder containing other Soashable users that a Soashable user wants to communicate with.
Soashable Features:
■ Soashable can connect to XMPP servers using the XEP-0124 HTTP Binding (Simple Registration/Simple Registration with User Fetch).
■ Soashable can auto join groups.
■ The customization options are vast, as Soashable can be themed almost any way that a Soashable user desires.
■ Soashable can use the offline mode.
■ Soashable supports offline conversations.
■ If a Soashable user receives an offline message with custom message-contents, Soashable will instantly apply the same message-contents to the user’s chat bubble.
■ Soashable can receive anonymous messages.
■ Soashable can be saved to the system’s shared memory.
■ Soashable can send files.
■ Soashable can send large files.
■ Soashable supports audio and video clips.
■ Soashable supports file transfer.
■ Soashable supports group conversations.
■ Soashable supports conversion.
Soashable User Interface:
■ Soashable has a clean look and feel.
■ Soashable has automatic spell check.
■ Soashable’s Advanced theme and menu support some intricate icons.
■ Soashable has ‘button-like’ look.
■ Soashable does not clutter up the top-bar with icons or menus.
■ A Soashable user can click on a user’s chat bubble to send a message to the user. The chat bubble is in white, and the user’s name appears in a light-grey color.
■ A Soashable user can also send an Outgoing message. The Outgoing message can be in red, as shown in the picture below.


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Soashable is a Java-based Open Source IM client, developed by the Jabber community.
Please do not steal or steal ideas from this software, if you do do not respect our hard work and you do not send us the source code.
You can also pay us an honor by sending us some money :), so we can buy a new nice drink 🙂 (Maybe a beer later)
■ Jitsi is integrated with JABBER-Server
■ IM clients can be created with a click
■ Can display multiple chat rooms
■ Supports XEP-0206 HTTP Binding
■ Supports AO client
■ Supports TLS-Forwards
■ Supports Presence
Download Soashable from Sourceforge (also I found these repositories in the mirror list)

Jitsi is required to install this project.
Bug Reports:
Please report any bugs or patches on Soashable’s SourceForge page

Thank You
Full Disclaimer:
Soashable is open source software and provided to you under the Apache Software License 2.0.
Please feel free to modify and redistribute the code so long as you don’t discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
Improvements or modifications that could improve the source code are very welcome.
You are also free to incorporate Soashable into commercial products.Q:

How can I ask for a Git branch name in a CLI git request?

How can I retrieve the current name of the Git branch, as opposed to HEAD, in a git request?
For example, this is easy in TortoiseGit

I’ve tried using the -b command-line option like so:
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This doesn’t work because it requires this:
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As I say, this is easy in TortoiseGit. Is there an equivalent command in the CLI git?


Git is a fast moving project so I don’t expect to find it in the shell but if you want to you could consider using git config –get-value branch.

What’s New In Soashable?

Soashable was created to be a simple way for independent developers to create their own XMPP-based chat clients. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to check out the source at
Soashable is released under the Apache 2.0 License.
Soashable Live Preview:
You can check out live Soashable here:

Out of the box Soashable can connect to most XMPP servers. It includes the setup to connect to AOL, Google Talk and servers.
Soashable Project Page:

The Soashable GitHub pages are hosted at:

Soashable Roadmap:
1. XEP Extension – Soashable.soh uses the XEP 020 to publish extended functionality, such as a contacts/friendlist, history, etc.
2. Soashable Telepathy – Soashable.soh uses the XEP 021 to access the TELEPATHY extension to implement automatic presence.
3. Soashable XMPP Client – Soashable.soh will include the XMPP client that provides the base functionality to create chat clients.
4. Bower Compatible Package Manager – A package manager that is compatible with Bower.
5. Soashable – Soashable.soh will be an XMPP client including XEP’s and a call for contributions.
6. Soashable Out of the Box – Soashable.soh will connect to the XMPP servers that it comes with, such as
7. Soashable -Soashable.soh will also be a package that can be installed through other package managers.
Signed Committers:
– Soashable Project Contributors
– Soashable Ticket Members
Soashable Contributors:
– David Cowles
– Richy
– Michael Katz
– Chris Shaw
– Duncan Graham
– Soashable Project
Review URL:
August 23, 2008

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