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You are in a dark fantasy world where the circle of life has been broken by the corruption of the Elden Ring. The Elden Ring, created by the ruling body in the Lands Between, has grown and expanded thanks to the machinations of the most wicked and evil party who dares to oppose the ruling party. All the people have been driven into slavery and forced to slave away to the Elden Ring to gain possessions. Those who resist will be destroyed mercilessly.
One day, as the people gathered around the Elden Ring were being executed, they received a sign:
“We have received a message from the sacred land, and we are given the power to kill this corruption…”
A mysterious man appeared and told them to follow him to the unnamed land.
There, a man from another world came to reside. He came into this world with a sword in his hand and tore the evil from the peoples of this world with merciless power. The people of the Lands Between were beaten with his blade and called out for justice. That was the last time any word of him was heard for seven hundred years.
Everyone waited for his return. As time passed, the rumors about him spread, and people thought that he had left for the sacred land. Seven hundred years have passed, but his face has never been seen again.
When the man from the sacred land left, he gave a promise:
“Without ever forgetting the elders of the Lands Between, I will forever serve them with a sword in my hand…”
The journey of the Elden Lords is written with this in mind, and its story unfolds for you to take up the fight and become an Elden Lord.
The darkness that haunts the Lands Between is extremely dangerous, and the game’s story will not allow you to enter the Lands Between without your own armor and weapons.
Your journey to the Lands Between and combat against the power of the mysterious man will lead you to the final conflict. In the end, you will have to decide:
Will you be a hero who will bring justice to the Lands Between? Will you be a hero of justice who will bring the power of the Elden Ring back to this tainted and dark fantasy world?
Or, will you choose the road of evil and become a vile Elden Lord who will help create a new fantasy world?
You will have to use your own skills and influence with the Lords of Other Worlds to decide this for yourself.
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Features Key:

  • Multipurpose Equipment with Full Magic Covers a Wide Range of Magical Crafts
  • Craft Unique Weapons, Armor, and Magic Equipment
  • New Power-Up System
  • Multiple Boss Revamps
  • Evolve Your Character to Gain Unique Abilities
  • Play as a Hero in a Detailed Fantasy World
  • Chronicles

    1. The Legend of The Elden Ring.
    A tale of the expansion of an extremely rich and closed world that lies between two worlds.
    Enjoy the journey with the hero, Dilamar, who was granted eternal life and a lifespan of one thousand years. He plays the key role in a tragic story, inviting you into its long history.

    2. The Legend of The Guardian Elves.
    In the far east of the Lands Between, the Guardian Elves are a creature of legend that is immortal.
    They have detailed knowledge of the Elden Ring as well as the history of the Lands Between.

    3. The Legend of The Labyrinths.
    What is the power needed to defeat the gateway of the labyrinth? In darkness and blood, the battle that was bargained upon eternal peace was fought.
    The Guild Legendary Blue Sword separated the two sides of the Holy War and a triumphant victory was decided.

    System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8/10/WinServer 2008/2012.
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T8400, Intel Core i5 3570 3.2GHz, Intel Core i7 3770K 3.4GHz, Intel Core i7 6950X 3.8GHz
    • RAM: 6GB at minimum
    • VRAM: 1GB at minimum
    • HDD: 8GB min
    • DDR: PCIE 3.0


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    The ability to customize your characters’ outfits and provide the development of their character options

    The ability to enjoy a story of Vast World with an incredible sense of thrills and excitement

    The ability to experience multiple endings depending on the way you play

    The ability to be part of an epic drama through synchronous online play

    The ability to experience the joy of discovering and meeting new challenges


    In the Lands Between lies Estin, a world of Myth, a forgotten and deceitful place where everything that is lost is found…

    Cautiously you step towards the light.

    You slowly open your eyes, and it’s been five days since I started traveling to Estin.

    Breathing deeply, I sense the familiar scent of the purple wisteria that is everywhere in this land.

    From the horizon I look out into a sea of purple flowers.

    Thank god. The beauty of Estin must be that it is born from the sacrifice of a corrupted world.

    As if lured by the scent of the purple wisteria, I rise.

    I casually turn around to check on everyone, and it looks like I’m the only one of the party who has risen in the past few days.

    As I look out, I notice the direction of the sun.

    The Land of Estin, in the south, is over there.

    My party member, Kiza, is the only one who hasn’t risen yet.

    She has been sleeping for a long time.

    I don’t know if she’s sick or if she’s just sleeping.

    Maybe it’s better for her to remain sleeping.

    I can’t let her feel weak when we’re about to leave this place.

    “Excuse me, are we leaving?

    As if this wisteria smells good enough to be eaten, I look up at the blossoms.

    Do they know?

    Before I have time to think, I’m carried along by the wind.

    I glance down at the ground, and I notice something peculiar.

    My shoes are gone.

    Even if I had worn shoes, I wouldn’t be able to take them off because the material is fused


    Elden Ring

    ● Up to 6 players can fight together to achieve victory.

    ● World wide players will connect using the Internet.

    ● While you fight, other players can join in.

    ● Other players can join in the fight and check out the state of your game.

    ● The action will be transferred to a second server immediately upon connection.

    ● The game servers operate in real time.

    ● Instant connection is supported.

    ● The game will be available for a limited period after release.

    ● The game is free-to-play

    ● PvP damage is applied upon enemy defeat

    ● Characters can die, but can be restored using a Rebirth Dungeon

    ● Rebirth dungeons are a dungeon that allows players to revive their characters

    ● The Rebirth Dungeon operates in real time.

    ● Players can attend the Rebirth Dungeon as spectators.

    ● Willing players can fight other players to receive a reward.

    ● The rewards can be obtained upon a character’s death

    ● Resurrection items can be used to resurrect players

    ● Rebirth dungeons are required to be obtained using Exalted Gear

    ● Exalted gear can be obtained through in-game gameplay and in accordance with the item’s level.

    Use of the Exalted gear will grant each character a permanent drop rate boost and an increase in the number of drops available.


    ● Evolving Spell

    ● Evolving Spell, Ever on the Rise.

    Special Cards


    ● 2 decks of cards

    ● 99 cards in total

    ● 4 skills can be equipped

    ● 16 Avatars can be obtained.

    ● 6 classes

    ● The classes will change each time you reincarnate.

    ● There are no restrictions on character class.

    ● Each class can use any class skills.

    ● Skill Restriction and Combo Skills

    ● “Awaken” is applied to the class only when a player enters a Rebirth Dungeon

    ● Free to Play

    ● Ranking system

    ● You can freely find the best players and players by rank.

    ● Rank and player information is displayed in the game menu.

    ● Events are displayed in the game menu.

    ● Community

    ● You can save and load game data.

    ● You can upload


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 8.1
    CPU: 2.8 GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Hard Disk: 25 GB
    DirectX: Version 11
    DirectX: Version 9
    Storage: 600 MB
    OS: Windows 10
    CPU: 3.4 GHz
    RAM: 3GB
    Hard Disk: 50 GB
    Storage: 900 MB
    Note: If you have any query or doubt related to the game


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