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Play a fantasy action RPG as an Elden Lord in the Lands Between, where you wield the power of the Elden Ring and embark on a journey full of wonder!
The fantasy action RPG for the PlayStation 4 and PC is set on a huge world, where you can explore the vast open areas and vast closed dungeons packed with epic battles.
A fantastic story unfolds as you gain experience and explore the various castles in the Lands Between, where every city and village has its own distinct charms.
The game features hundreds of NPCs, carefully created characters that develop as the story progresses.
The battle system is exciting and exciting. It allows you to face both fierce battles with gigantic enemies, and easy battles with a bunch of enemies.
Enjoy the daring and action-packed story as you play the Elden Lord who is waiting just ahead.
■ Characters

The character who wields the power of the Elden Ring is an interesting protagonist.
Not content just to fight, your character will even participate in conversations with the people in the cities and villages.
With an ego so large that it borders on insanity, he has taken on the mantle of an Elden Lord and is waiting for you in the Lands Between.
■ Action system

There is no other action RPG where you can fight against tough enemies directly.
Your character has a number of powerful moves that are not only impressive with long range attacks but also incredibly destructive when used at close range.
The battles with enemies become exciting as you put an unlimited number of combinations together.
■ Enchantments

As you progress through the story, you will be able to experiment with the character’s attributes and unlock new skills and abilities, as well as enchantments.
This will allow you to change your character’s appearance, skills, combat abilities, and even special attacks.
Enchantments are often active or passive effects that are based on the character’s attributes, such as altering the rate at which the character regenerates health or increasing the rate at which the character’s attributes are increased.
Enchantments can also completely change the character’s appearance.
■ Weapons

Weapons that are effective against the various enemies will be chosen from your inventory.
By equipping weapons, you can select combat abilities, which will increase or decrease their damage depending on your character’s attributes.
Additionally, different types of weapons with different combat abilities can be combined for additional effects.
Weapons are divided into categories depending on their type.
Assault weapons


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique online play: Embed your fantasy in an epic online world while playing one of your party members.
  • Outfits and weapons that you can complete as you grow in power and experience with an element of choice.
  • A vast world full of danger.
  • Procedural level generation with complex dungeons for a high degree of special effects.
  • A return to turn-based-style combat reminiscent of the classics such as Japan’s Tales series.
  • Simple but deep and authentic characters who are fun to interact with.
  • Endless quests that change in accordance with your play style or personality.
  • Key features to note:

      • Turn-based combat with easy controls.
      • Freely equip your character with unique armors and weapons.
      • Unique balance between speed and resolve to allow for seamless switching of tactics.
      • A lore-based online world with seamless connection supported.
      • Connect your own story with others, and share a friendship and allegiance with them.
      • An easy way to customize your character.
    • Settings:
      • The character customization system allows you to choose from the options of your choosing, giving you the freedom to build the character you want.
    • Development Environment:
      • C++ based engine.
      • FX, sound & characters designed by the team at Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
      • Art by many world-renowned artists.
      • Many new and returning staff from previous BBS titles.
      • STORY:
        • A complex, multilayered story told in fragments. The player joins the Lands Between to see a drama unfold.
        • A world where the thoughts of the characters intersect. The backgrounds and surroundings are shaped by the various stories. Play the game as you would read a book or listen to a


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          Now You Can Become a Sister of the Blood.
          Finally, the legendary Sister of the Blood has arrived!
          For the first time in the history of Aincrad, you can directly become a Sister of the Blood in the online RPG action Aincrad!
          After you clear the 20th trial, you can progress to the main story with the party of 9 characters.
          Moreover, since the main story requires clearing 15 story missions, a small story in the game, “The Stray Magician”, will also be available.
          The light and dark magics will be fought in each story mission in the main story. You can choose which magic you want to use when you clear a battle.
          1. The limited number of characters are available in the main story.
          2. The character will remember the stats of a character in the past. The skills of the past character will be used as the base.
          3. Each class will have a new skill to perform at level 100.
          4. You can change the spells of a spell book using a spell of a different class at level 100.
          5. You can use the class of the relevant magic in a story.
          6. There are 4 types of enemies which require different skills.
          7. The character class, class obtained from a story, and the class of a skill can be selected at level 20.
          8. As a result of joining a party, when you use a weapon as a class, you can use that class without restrictions.
          9. You can equip the magic that has the same effect as a weapon, such as a staff.
          10. The world will change based on your online actions.
          11. The world map will be revealed during play time.
          12. When you defeat an enemy and earn EXP, you will be able to obtain new items from the event scenes.
          13. The battles against the demons of Aincrad will be extended and the effects will be stronger.
          14. All events will be cleared as the main story progresses.
          15. You can experience all the events in the main story through the new story, “The Stray Magic


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          ★★★ Paid DLC ★★★

          $1.99/Month, 12 Months = $24.99

          $99.99 – Eternal Access

          ★★★ Demo ★★★


          Elise, the lovable but unbalanced protagonist, awakened from a fever dream of the Elden Ring.

          She sets out to find the Piece of Dreams, the object that brings hope to the lost souls of the land, in order to save her kingdom. Along the way, Elise must face the Elden Ring’s deepest and darkest secrets.

          And every dream she can think of is a torture to her. For every moment of happiness, Elise must suffer in wretched dreams of pain and suffering.

          Her will to live is only dimly understood by her companions, her bloodthirsty enemy, and even herself. If there is a way to kill all of them, Elise will not find it.


          · The complete DLC content.

          · A story with 45 brand new short stories.

          · A dramatic opening CG.

          · A new ending CG.

          · An all-new main battle.

          · Fully voiced dialogue.

          · Fully voiced cutscene.

          · Crafting system.

          · Over 30 types of crafting materials.

          · Craft magical jewelry.

          · Over 20 types of items.

          · Multiple weapons.

          · Multiple armor.

          · Quest items and a secondary quest.

          · Up to four-player co-op.

          DLC EXPANSION PACK 1 – A NEW WORLD (2 Days – 1:50:00)

          A NEW WORLD

          ★★★ Paid DLC ★★★

          $1.99/Month, 12 Months = $24.99

          $14.99 – Eternal Access

          ★★★ Demo ★★★


          The entire world is now opened for you. An abandoned world where no one has ever passed through.

          A new continent, unexplored lands, and a new world with its own population of living beings, unspoilt by the world beyond.

          Also, a new continent has been discovered, called “Ro and Ne”, and a new continent, “Lor – 1”, has been opened as a new


          What’s new:


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          Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
          Publisher: Electronic Arts
          Price: 14.99
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          Pfeh, it starts off easy. Play some minion waves, Darnassus is pretty awesome, get a couple lots of gold and then get ready to receive that sweet new class card. But as you try to create a spell loop to build up a TON of mana and/or molten core piles, things get a lot more complicated. So does the game (and that’s coming from someone who really loved the Reign of Chaos expansion for the original board game).

          While you can build minions on both sides of the board, it becomes a matter of who has the resource control. So you have to select which side gets priority and where to place all the dice. Having a total in the thousands of bonus rocks to flip over and pick up in the lava can swing things quite a bit. Especially when it comes time to start forging that Assassin card.

          The most interesting aspect for me was the spell loop. I’ve never played a game that offered something like it. For one, you get ten minutes to build up mana and rock piles. You move a bunch around. Then spend your replacement time trying to keep up resources. Lots of death timers can really mess


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        Elisen Ring - DL - french_dept,sanjaykumar0.jpg
        Introducing an MMO


        System Requirements For Elden Ring:

        OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1
        Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
        Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz RAM: 1 GB
        1 GB Video Card: VGA/DVI-D 15″
        VGA/DVI-D 15″ DirectX: 9.0c compatible
        DirectX: 9.0c compatible Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card that supports


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