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A code snippet manager is something that most developers are (or should at least be) very well accustomed to. It’s usually a straightforward software that allows them to store and use snippets of code, either from their local machine or directly from the cloud.
If you’re on the market for such a solution, then you’re in luck because there are a lot great ones out there. The thing is most of these top-tier snippet managers usually require you to pay either a lifetime, a yearly, or a monthly fee to be able to take advantage of what they offer.
Meet massCode
That said, if you don’t want to pay, and you’re not looking for the best possible code snippet manager out there, you could opt for something open-source such as massCode.
Developed using web technologies such as Electron, Vue, and Monaco editor, massCode is a lightweight, practical, and very useful snippet manager that will ensure you improve your workflow. If you’ve ever used other, more popular snippet managers such as Quiver or SnippetsLab, then you’ll have no problems getting accustomed to massCode since it has a very similar GUI.
MassCode’s limited set of features
Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that the project is still in its infancy, hence, you should not expect a plethora of features. What’s more, the manager’s editor does not support a lot of languages for syntax highlighting, but it does have rich IntelliSense, and validation for TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JSON, and HTML.
As expected the app does a good job of managing your snippets by allowing you to organize them in various folders and subfolders. What’s more, snippets can be added to special categories such as Favorites. Of course, the app also provides you with a quick and easy way to find snippets thanks to its search function.
A good code management tool
All in all, massCode is a very promising app that fairs well as a non-professional code snippet manager. It still has a long way to go before it can compete with the greats of the industry in terms of features, and it’s not exactly what one might call language agnostic, but if you’re just looking for a simple open-source code snippet manager then it’s definitely worthy of your attention.


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Simple, lightweight and free code snippet manager. No registration required, no credit card required, no ads, and no private data is kept.
Learn more Visit the project website – massCode GitHub – massCode Twitter

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My friend shared this very useful code snippet on my Facebook news feed, it made me understand something better. The simplest way I can share it to you is by telling you that it is very helpful.

When we create a very simple application with out aim, the end result doesn’t always works properly.
In this series of articles, I will be explaining you about debugging your web applications.

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⭐️ It supports Snippet Management, Configuration Management, and Team Collaboration.
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⭐️ It allows for editing, deleting, and organization of snippets.
⭐️ It’s extremely easy to setup.
⭐️ It has a fabulous code-sharing portal called Publish where you can publish your code or share your code with others.
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Helpful Features

IntelliSense, code validation, and the ability to find snippets

Folders and subfolders



massCode is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. To use the premium version of the program, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $8.99. It’s a one-time payment because thereafter, your code snippets are enabled for any use and are stored on the server. The app is completely open-source and is released under the GNU General Public License version 3. It’s available for download and is working with most common coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and TypeScript.

To give you a better understanding of how the free version of massCode works, here’s a short video.

Projects such as Chromium, Firefox, and LibreOffice are some of the most popular browsers in the market. Each one of these apps is extremely simple to use and works well. Today, we’re looking at one such app, and that’s the Streamr 0.9.0.
What’s more, the project will allow you to take advantage of blockchain technology for the first time, all in an effort to simplify your work and make the process of creating an app or a website faster and easier.
While Streamr’s development may be in its infancy, it’s definitely a project to keep your eyes on.
The History of Streamr
Since the project’s creation, there have been many changes as the software has evolved. Back in 2013, Streamr was announced as a product that would allow simple web developers to build their own apps and websites, run computational jobs, and make smart contracts using Web sockets.
That was back when the project had just two open source libraries that would allow users to connect to Ethereum using JavaScript; and one of which would allow you to run computations using Web workers.
For this reason, Streamr has changed a lot since its inception, but it hasn’t lost its original focus. In fact, it’s kept the core principles that it developed in the very beginning.
The project has also made changes over the years. Some of these changes include, but are not limited to the fact that it has improved its efficiency by removing the need to depend on an external web-based library such as Ethereum, and it

What’s New in the MassCode?

code, snippet, manager, Quiver

CodeSnippetHelper is a lightweight and very handy plugin for the Sublime Text editor. What’s more, the tool supports multiple coding languages and gives you instant access to some of the most popular code snippet libraries.
Why is it worth using?
First of all, the plugin does a great job of quickly bringing your snippets from online services directly into the ST editor.
Also, by using it you’ll get instant access to free code snippets from sites such as: PythonAnywhere, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and a handful of others. What’s more, you’ll also get access to over 600 professional coding languages.
How to use?
The process of adding a new snippet library is pretty straightforward:
First, you’ll need to add the plugin’s repository to your Sublime Text’s Packages. The steps to do that are really simple:
1. Press the CTRL + SHIFT + P keyboard combo
2. Type “Install Package” into the Command Palette
3. Type “yaml” into the search field
4. Click on the first suggestion, and press Enter
Once the installation is complete, you should have access to a “Snippets” sidepanel that will contain a long list of available code snippet libraries. If you happen to select the one that you want, then you’ll get to a page that will allow you to see all of the available snippets.
In order to use a snippet, just select it and press ENTER (Note: you’ll get a pop-up window that will show the code in multiple languages, and you can always use the CTRL + SPACE keyboard combo to switch languages).
What’s good about the plugin?
There’s definitely more than enough good things about this plugin. The interface is very clean and user-friendly, the list of available snippets is rather long, and the tool is super-fast.
There’s always something more to add to it, however, since the plugin’s development team keeps adding new features on a regular basis, so you’ll always have something to come up with.
How the plugin works:
As mentioned previously, the plugin does more than just offer you a list of snippets, so here’s a list of its features

System Requirements For MassCode:

Windows 7 or greater
Mac OS X 10.5 or greater
Processor 2.0 GHz or greater
Memory 256 MB or greater
Graphics card 32 MB or greater
Hard drive space 128 MB or greater
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