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This game is made by DarkAlphus and is released through the ‘Independent Games Festival’ (IGF) on their site. You can play and download the game for FREE here: an IndieWeb site: or via the App store: and on steam:
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Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game is a Unity game.
Video version of the game:
Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game uses music from:
– Garrahan Rhythms “Spongebob Squarepants”

– Kenny G “Someday My Prince Will Come”

– The Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”

– Kingdomaustralia “Sunset Boulevard”

– Limahl “Don’t Look Back in Anger”

– A New Kind of Blue “Stolen Dance”

– Michael Jackson “I’ll Be There”

– Kashif “A Love For


Fog Factory – Game Maker Features Key:

  • Create Game Objects
  • Create AI For Game Objects
  • Create Level
  • Play Game

Fog Factory – Game Maker Features:

  • Create Game Objects
  • Create AI For Game Objects
  • Create Level
  • Play Game

Fog Factory – Game Maker Features:

  • Create Game Objects
  • Create AI For Game Objects
  • Create Level
  • Play Game


Fog Factory – Game Maker Crack Activation Key Free X64 [Latest 2022]

Game is made with RPG Maker MV.
Music: Yannick
Visuals: Sitara
Cinematics and Floorplans: M. de Great

You can purchase an enhanced Steam Key (Pro) at: or an enhanced Android key (Pro) at:

Google Play:

Fog Factory Website:

Version 1.0.2
– Bug fix: Distortions in some parts of the hotel.
Version 1.0.1
– Bug fix: Laptop controls were disfunctional at some moment.
Version 1.0
-First update
Version 0.93
-Bug fix: Hiding in some places was kinda impossible
Version 0.92
-Android Gameplay Improvement
-Bug fix: Missing and extra points in some parts of the maze

Elevator Ritual is a Horror RPG game, made using RPG Maker. Naysilla, the main character must run and hide from monsters to survive, complete the puzzles and explore every place or event to find clues about what has happened and finish the game.
Naysilla is a maid at a hotel. One day she found a strange note about the Elevator Ritual and how to do it. She did the ritual, and strange things began to happen at the hotel. Darkness everywhere, people disappeared and strange creatures appeared out of nowhere. She must RUN, HIDE and even FIGHT those monsters to survive. Naysilla had to find out what had happened and figure out how to get out from this bizarre situation.
Highly detail graphics and musics with a tense and dark atmosphere.
Unique puzzles ready to be solved and to test your wits.
Hide in the closet or wall to avoid the monsters.
Defeat bosses with a unique gameplay.
2-3 hours game playing.
Press F4 for Full Screen.
Game Control Instructions on Invetory Menu.
About The Game Fog Factory – Game Maker Free Download:
Game is made with RPG Maker MV


Fog Factory – Game Maker Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime) Free

The most realistic fog simulation made with the recently announced new feature ‘Dark Fog’. We believe that fog must have had an important part to play in the development of certain films, but too often it has been used to simply hide things from the audience. This pack makes it possible for you to create your own visions of the impossible…Invisible House is a story of loneliness and dreams. Through the walls of an old, dirty house you can hear voices and secrets between the shadows and the candles. In the apartment lives a soul who just wants to let the world know she is there. But invisible is not what you think.The night is young and your life is rich with potential. Explore the hallways, crawl beneath the tables and love! Make your moves and grow your influence. Night never ends…Time to make your move!
About This ContentFeatures:- 200 high-quality textures and 9 costumes.- 100 game sprites.- 9 game animations.- Very Easy to use.
Composition, Character Animation and Game Design by: Richard Strand
Follow me on my twitter @RichardStrand
About This ContentThe creator of Gloom, Monsieur Bain.A thousand year’s old tale of intrigue, deception and power plays. What is the mysterious secret behind this world? How is it controlled? Why was the empire collapsed?
In this endless journey, start your path. You are in charge of your character and the events of this history. Travel through the ages, through many eras. Persuade all characters and change the course of history. Find the book of love and gain the lost power. Love is your path.
Features:- Open-ended adventure with many hours of gameplay.- Interplay between Hiding and Peeking- Realistic character models and animations- An original music in a stylized and rich game world- Beautiful and amazing art design, voice over and immersive atmosphere.
Additional information:
Visit the website for access to all current and upcoming work of Monsieur Bain!
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About This ContentHotel at the end of the world – a peaceful retreat for after a long day of adventure.
However, when you check in to this romantic hotel you will find something strange. A girl named Alice seems to have been kidnapped!
In the hotel, there are too many shadows and too many memories. Are they true or just fantasies?
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