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Ask anyone with even the most basic knowledge about computers, and he or she will tell you that deleting junk files is a fairly important process, albeit being extremely overlooked by most users.
The same can be said about Internet browsers, as whenever apps are run, websites are accessed, or files are downloaded, junk files will most likely follow. In the case of browsers, the most common types of junk files are Cache files, cookies, autofill forms, passwords, and lots of history data.
Even though they are generically called “junk” files, they are somewhat important as they help your browser load apps or websites a lot faster. However, the problem is that they can also slow down your browser to the point where it doesn't even load websites properly.
Even though Google Chrome makes it easy for most users to delete these files (by clicking the menu icon on the upper right corner, going to Tools, and selecting Clear Browsing Data), there’s a faster and arguably better way of accomplishing said task.
Probably the best way to clear Chrome junk files
Meet Clear Cache for Chrome, a nifty little Chrome extension that allows you to delete ALL types of junk files directly from Chrome’s toolbar. It allows users to delete a wide array of junk files such as Cache files, cookies, autofill forms, passwords, app cache, plugin data, cache storage, history, downloads, local storage data, indexedDB, Web SQL data, file systems and even service workers.
In addition, it makes it remarkably simple to select the time range: either last minute, the last 5 minutes, last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, and “All time.” This extension is all about accessibility and improving your workflow, hence, note that you can open its GUI via the CTRL+A key combo and a quick clean can be performed simply pressing Enter afterward.
There are also various customization options, as the extension allows users to add or remove various time range options, cleaning options, and choose between two nice GUI themes (Dark and Light).
CTRL+A and Enter to instantly delete all pre-selected junk files
All in all, while all not revolutionary in any pragmatic way, Clear Cache for Chrome works exactly as intended as should prove as a great addition to anyone’s collection of extensions. It offers a bit more flexibility and a lot more convenience when it comes to quickly deleting junk files from your Chrome browser.







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Instant and easy to use Junk file cleaner. Plus a lot of great features!
CTRL+A & Enter to instantly delete all pre-selected junk files
Clear Cache for Chrome Crack Keygen Limitations:
Deletes all Windows files on your Computer, rather than a few.
Instead of default options, this extension allows you to choose the time range, so instead of default options, which would select every file you are working with, you can choose to select a specific file.
How to Install Clear Cache for Chrome:
Click the button below to get started with installing Clear Cache for Chrome for Chrome.
Chrome Extension Manager and scroll down to the section “Modify” and select “Add Extension.”
Under Add Extension, find “Clear Cache for Chrome.”
Once the extension is added, make sure “Clear Cache for Chrome” is selected.
Once you are done with your changes, make sure to click on “Install.”
To clear Chrome junk files you can either select them or use the CTRL+A and Enter shortcut.
When a path is selected, you will be prompted to delete the files.
If you wish to delete all types of junk files, press Enter.
Support is provided by the Chrome extension itself (a small donation is appreciated).
Chrome Extension Manager System Requirements:
To add a Chrome extension to your Chrome Browser, you must use the Chrome Browser.
Chrome Browser Version 41 and above.
Windows 7 or later.
Developer Mode must be disabled for this extension to install.
To enable Developer Mode, right click on the browser and select “Inspect.”
Go to “HTML & Application” for your extension and “Enable” for “Developer Mode”
If Developer Mode is not enabled, you can enable it by going to the Menu icon (three horizontal lines next to the globe icon) > “Settings” > “Show advanced settings” > “Content settings > Under the hood” > “Enable Developer Mode”
Click “Close” and “Reload” when Developer Mode is enabled
If you are using Firefox, the instructions are as follows:
Go to the Menu icon (three horizontal lines next to the globe icon) > “Tools” > “Add-ons” > “Extensions” > “Clear Cache for Chrome”
When you are all done, go to the “Clear cache” window and follow the instructions.
You have successfully installed Clear Cache for Chrome Extension.
Click to Uninstall Clear Cache for Chrome Extension.
Thank You

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Remove Junk
Informations about Clear Cache for Chrome:
• Allows users to select which types of junk files to remove and when in the past to select the time range.
• A handy toolbar icon for deleting such files in the future.
• All junk files are automatically displayed in a preview pane.
• Allows users to pick a display theme of their choosing.
• Allows users to exclude certain types of files.
• Allows for one-time and/or timed clean-ups.
• Select which extensions to use as defaults for the toolbar icon, automatic clean-ups, custom-time ranges, and preview pane.
• A log and a website where every action can be reviewed and reverted if needed.
How to use Clear Cache for Chrome:
How to Install Clear Cache for Chrome
Open Chrome browser
Click on the “More Tools” icon in the toolbar
Expand the “Extensions” menu
Click on the “Load Unlisted Extensions” and select “Clear Cache for Chrome”
• You may only have one extension listed in the “Load Unlisted Extensions” menu. Select which you want to use as default and click “Apply.”
• The new extension will now be listed in “Loaded extensions.” Select it, click “Apply,” and it will be set as default.
The new Clear Cache extension added to Chrome.
• Now, every time you close out Chrome browser, the toolbar icon will automatically open Clear Cache for Chrome.
• If you have the new extension already enabled, you will see it shown directly in the toolbar.
• If you are using Clear Cache for Chrome, you will now see an “Upgrade Now” button in the extension’s icon that will take you to the new extension’s homepage.
• The preview pane will indicate which type of file you have selected.
• You may also double-click on the icon of Clear Cache for Chrome to open its GUI to delete files at any moment.
• You can choose the time ranges by going to the extension’s dropdown menu and selecting the options.
• You may right-click on the preview pane to open a dropdown menu where you can decide how many lines of data you want to show in it.
• You may close the preview pane by pressing the “X” icon in it, but it will not

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Clear Cache for Chrome is the #1 all-in-one tool to remove all unwanted & useless files.
Install the tool now and experience its magic.
CLEAR Cache for Chrome
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As usual, if you don’t like the demo version, you can get the full version for $1.99 from the Chrome web store. What are you waiting for?

Forget about the regular and boring way of password input using numbers, symbols and other foreign characters, as it’s a fast-old way of being identified. If you, however, are a fan of foreign languages and characters, then Google Translate can be of real help.
Google Translate allows users to translate texts from one language to another right from within their Chrome browser by simply dragging the text anywhere onto their browser’s view bar and selecting the desired language from a list.
Google Translate for Chrome Description
Freely translate texts from over 70 languages
Provide a comfortable, user-friendly way to translate long and short texts from your computer to any language, including:
✔ Eng to Russ
✔ Eng to German
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✔ German to English
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✔ Available in many languages

The App Sandbox is a unique feature introduced with Apple’s iOS 9, where every app on the iPhone has to abide by a set of restrictions when it’s executed. These restrictions are meant to prevent malware from being distributed and gaining access to files and resources that should be restricted to apps with a specific purpose.
However, with the implementation of MacOS Catalina, said restrictions may have been lifted. The Mac App Sandbox feature has long been present in Windows as a security feature for anti-malware apps and can be used to prevent malware from accessing files.
Despite the fact that MacOS Catalina has not yet been released and is reportedly not ready to be used by the public, it’s already possible to circumvent said restrictions in the upcoming MacOS. In a blog post, malware expert Tom Foss documented

What’s New in the?

CTRL+A and ENTER to instantly delete all pre-selected junk files

Consolidate multiple e-mail accounts into a single inbox
This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to consolidate multiple Gmail accounts under a single Gmail inbox. All accounts are automatically added into the inbox and you can choose between various Gmail labels.

How it works
This extension basically uses your Gmail contacts to input e-mail addresses of your Gmail accounts. Once it’s done, it will consolidate all these different addresses and label them into a single Gmail address.

Here’s how it looks:

It works in such a way that, after it’s been successfully downloaded, it will place a link on your Gmail that will allow you to add multiple e-mail addresses. Once you click on this link, the extension will add an e-mail address onto your list.

How to add an e-mail account
This extension also allows you to add multiple e-mail accounts by clicking on the text area. This text area will show up when you have multiple Gmail accounts, click on it and the extension will allow you to add more e-mail accounts to your current list.

The extension supports multiple Gmail accounts and labels. There are also options to label your e-mail addresses.

You can even go in and manually edit your e-mail list and add or delete accounts.

There are also other features to offer such as setting up filtering rules and widgets.

I highly recommend this Google Chrome extension to consolidate multiple accounts into a single one.

Gmail allows you to create filters to send your messages to certain contacts.

When you download the extension it creates several labels and additional filters for all your Gmail accounts.

You can add, delete, edit the labels and filters you created.

There is a great feature which allows you to add the Mail settings widget to your home screen.

How to Install Gmail Add to Gmail Widget
Download the widget, and unzip to your desktop.

Go into your File Explorer and paste the widget into a folder called Gmail.

Toggle Gmail menu by pressing the Apple icon on the lower left of your browser.

Tap on the three horizontal dots at the end of the menu, and select Widgets.

Drag and drop the Gmail Add to Gmail widget from the folder into the sidebar (left-most area).

How to Install Gmail Add to Gmail Widget

System Requirements For Clear Cache For Chrome:

*Windows 7/8.1/10
*1.5 GB RAM
*30 GB Hard Drive Space
*Mouse and Keyboard
*800 x 600 display resolution
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