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This article is about the computer program, a desktop application for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers. For the previous versions of AutoCAD, see AutoCAD R14 (1992), AutoCAD R20 (1999), AutoCAD 2000 (2000), AutoCAD R30 (2003), AutoCAD LT (2006), AutoCAD 2007 (2007), and AutoCAD 2008 (2008).


The software can be used for architectural and engineering tasks, and is popular for its ability to create and manipulate 2D drawings of plans, sections, and elevations. The CAD program can be used to create a 2D drawing or an annotated 2D drawing, and also produces 2D and 3D models. For more complex designs, AutoCAD LT offers features such as parametric modeling, electronic bills of materials, and animation. AutoCAD 2012 uses a two-column document design.

AutoCAD is designed to produce both drawings and models. The drawings can be presented in an ASCII format, which is then printed out or exported to other CAD programs. Alternatively, the drawings can be created as Microsoft Windows compatible object files (.DWG), which are then imported into other CAD programs. Models can be either created by rendering 2D or 3D drawings, using a single view or multiple views, or by importing 3D CAD files such as STEP, IGES, STL, Vrml, or.OBJ.

New tools are added to AutoCAD regularly. For example, in 2009 AutoCAD became the first CAD program to allow the display of 3D visualizations created using Autodesk’s 3ds Max. AutoCAD supports 2D vector graphics and 2D raster graphics as well as true 3D graphics. The 3D capabilities of the software include the ability to display architectural plans with a smooth, 3D perspective.

The 2D drawing tools of AutoCAD are sometimes compared to those of Illustrator and Inkscape. However, AutoCAD can also be used as a general-purpose engineering package. As such, it may be used for creating layouts, engineering drawings, and mechanical designs, and can be used for text editing.

AutoCAD has also become a popular package for artists and students in higher education. AutoCAD makes creating realistic illustrations and 3D models easy and intuitive, and 3D models can be exported as a complete stereolithography file (.STL).

AutoCAD is

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AutoCAD also provides automation for the functionality. It is possible to execute macro-enabled tasks in a similar manner to AutoLISP programming in a conventional programming language. This makes it possible to execute AutoCAD commands and tasks using a scripting language, which is typically different than the command language. Scripting is the process of creating macros (commands) which are then run using the macro command (Ctrl+U). This process has similar benefits as using AutoLISP programming; however, the commands are not modified as a programming language; rather, they run as pure AutoCAD commands. There is also a command language called Applications Programming Interface (API) to call functions in the AutoCAD system. Examples are: Report Manager and Rotate Tool (which allow the user to send a report to a server, and change the rotation value of the current object). Another example is the AutoCAD PTL (Parametric Technology Library), which makes it possible to perform parametric modeling of 3D models.

Most of the GUI elements have AutoCAD API functions available to them, and are able to respond to the commands. For example, the contextual menu of any feature includes a number of functions such as Convert to Block (3D mode) or Convert to Circle, which can be executed using the AutoCAD API. A summary is shown when the user right-clicks on the feature. The GUI also includes a number of options to perform such functions as turning the UI off, switching the UI to two dimensional view, panning, rotating, and zooming.

Keyboard shortcuts

AutoCAD’s keyboard shortcuts are supported in many products, including AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2010. There are over 100 “shortcuts” that allow the user to complete a task by pressing a key sequence instead of selecting the option. These keystrokes have been designed to be generally easy to use; however, there are exceptions. For example, the “U” key is used as a shortcut for Unlinemanufacture and the “A” key is used as a shortcut for Autolayer.


AutoCAD, Autodesk’s flagship product since the 1980s, is a family of 3D CAD software products that are well known for their ease of use. The company was founded in 1982 by Steve Woods, previously chief architect of the design firm Hensel Phelps.

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Run the Autocad executable to open the program.
Select View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Rasters to Polygons

Next, select View⇒Navigator⇒Spatial Navigation ➤ Route from Polyline to Polyline

Next, set the minimum and maximum length of the line to 150 pixels.

Now, view the results by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Polygon Surface

After selecting the surface you wish to use, select View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Span to Area

Next, select the View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Area from Span to polyline

After selecting the polyline area, select View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ By Offset

Next, adjust the offset of the selected area to 0.75 pixels

Lastly, select View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ By Offset

Selecting the line after the area has been offset by 0.75 pixels will automatically turn the two selected areas into one single polyline

From here, you can view the results by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Polygon

After selecting the polygon, you can view it by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ As Polygons

If you wish to hide some of the 3D navigator settings, you can make changes by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Enable Settings

Select View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Point from Polyline to Polyline

Next, set the minimum and maximum length of the line to 150 pixels

After selecting the polyline area, you can view it by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ As Polygons

If you wish to hide some of the 3D navigator settings, you can make changes by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒3D Navigation ➤ Enable Settings

Before you generate the bestmentioning requests, save your changes by selecting View⇒Navigator⇒Save.

When the file is saved, select View⇒Navigator⇒Save.
Select View⇒Navigator

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Command-line Markup Assist:

Make commands available to call when marking up a drawing (video: 1:16 min.).

Revise Geometry:

Revise geometry automatically when you make changes to scale, location, or rotation (video: 1:22 min.).

Save and Print Revisions:

Automatically save and print revisions, including named and unnamed edits, on the fly. (video: 1:28 min.)

Additional User Interface Updates:

New UI in 2020 RC and 2023 are different for macOS and Windows.

Design Feedback in the Ribbon and toolbars:

Find valuable design feedback from the Ribbon and toolbars.

Axes Limits:

Set x and y axes limits when you import a drawing.

Image Watermark:

Easily add a watermark to your images.

Light Object Center:

Adjust the position of the center of an object.

Updated Schematic Scaling:

Add schematic scaling to specific geometry, such as walls, doors, and windows.

Image Quality and Open Cluster:

Adjust the quality settings for your imported images.

Customizations for CAD Software:

Customize AutoCAD for any platform.

Dynamic Updates:

AutoCAD dynamically updates a drawing based on changes to dimensions, units, measurement types, or external reference data.

Elements panel:

Quickly find and select objects in the drawing.

Vector tool:

Create vector objects.

E-mail an image:

Email an image, either a JPG or TIFF.

Multi-User in Classroom:

Organize the workspaces for multiple users in a classroom or business.

Line Spacing and Perimeter Scale:

Change line spacing and perimeters to reflect a change in the unit of measure.


Add a rotation to the first line of a drawing.

Snap to Imagery:

Fix a drawing that was snapped to an image.

Shape Optimization:

Optimize vector shapes (video: 1:19 min.).

Up to date information about new features

Learn more about the new features and enhancements in AutoCAD 2023 by checking the AutoCAD® and Autodesk® documentation. To access this content, visit the AutoCAD 2023 web site.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7.4 or later
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (64-bit Windows)
Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 3.5
Intel i5 CPU or higher
3 GB RAM (4 GB for Mac OS X 10.8)
800 MB available disk space
A modern DirectX 9 capable video card, VGA, SVGA or DVI
DirectX 9.0c
Sound card capable of 24-bit/192 KHz
At least 5.

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