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What is Spacebott?

Spacebott is an innovative start-up that connects innovators and inventors to collectively harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, iOT and Virtual Reality to grow their potential and make substantial contributions to the silicon technology community by creating products that provide more value to consumers at very low costs

Through three distinct platforms (AI/ML/VR), we connect and collaborate with fellow innovators to achieve great breakthroughs, and add our quota to the cyber-robotics community, creating affordable human – computer interactive technologies


The IKA App

The IKA App is an innovative mental health technology solution, harnessing the power of emotional intelligence machine learning, artificial intelligence, cutting edge programming and cloud computing. More details soon.

The Xtime Series Project

The Xtime Series Project, is creating a wearable timepiece of the future, bringing your home, cars, and communications under your total control.

The Histori Project

The Histori Project, is seizing the reins of Augmented Reality to create an education tool and entertainment product, to preserve a historical resource of the most popular country in the world.

Our Premier Mental Health product will storm the market soon.

Watch out! 

The Space-Interact Forum!

The virtual version will launch in the fourth quarter of 2021. The in-person Space-Interact Forum will be an interactive gathering of researchers, government officials, and silicon valley entrepreneurs engaged in the development of enterprise and consumer solutions using AI/ML/VR/AR and iOT systems.

2021 Space-Interact: Coming Soon!
San Francisco, CA